The Satori Generation

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How to Live


“There’s an interesting article over at Adbusters and Japan times. It’s about a generation of young Japanese consumers that seem to have overcome consumerism:

They don’t want cars or brand name handbags or luxury boots. To many of them, travel beyond the known and local is expensive and potentially dangerous. They work part-time jobs—because that is what they’ve been offered—and live at home long after they graduate. They’re not getting married or having kids. They’re not even sure if they want to be in romantic relationships. Why? Too much hassle. Oh, and too expensive.”

Why i blog this?

Consumption and Shopping is a topic of interest for me. I work in product design so my job is to sell more stuff but at the same time on a personal level, I do subscribe to some variant of this. Also, there is this fear that the West consumer culture is sustained by an imbalance caused by the fact that other countries do not enjoy the same perks as of a capitalist consumer society. And that, when countries like China grow a similar appetite as they are doing so right about now, it may lead to larger sustainability issues.

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