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Adnan Makes is a design blog, but first, here’s an open letter to the world of social media:

Dear Social Network,

There was a time not too long ago, when if you wanted to make your presence felt on the internet, you would setup your own little website and then take your time building your site’s content in the form of a daily blog or something else. Everything on it would be yours. Your graphics, your look and feel and most importantly, your voice. I use to run such a site myself and the rewarding bit was that after all of that work, I had created something that earned itself an audience and it felt good. It was my little corner on the interweb.

Eventually, it died down. Life got in the way, but you did as well, Mister Social Media.

Things are different now, aren’t they? Any desire left in me to run my own site, create my own thing is sabotaged daily by the likes of you – Everything I want to express on the internet has a separate container or website. Hey, here’s an app to document your experiences, this one is for sharing, this one is for sharing with friends, this one is for talking to people but you can only use 140 characters, this is for reposting images, this is for reposting images of products you want to buy.

You, Mr. Social Media Sir are now the equivalent of a Casino bribing pathological gamblers with free concerts and hotel rooms just to get them to empty their metaphorical content wallets. Except, with you, it’s easy audiences with easy like buttons to reduce any barrier to having attention. You also take our basest weaknesses and turn them into business: Social status – Facebook; Peacocking – Instagram; Accomplished Hoarding – svpply and Pinterest; Anxiety – eBay. etc.

Well, no more, I say! This is my mark on the ground.

I will create.

Just not for you*

Not so Kind Regards,


* This is not goodbye, Social Media, I shall Facebook and I remain severely addicted to the likes of Pinterest and Instagram. My feeds will continue to feed your machine but I will try to make better use of my time. Thank you very much. This is goodbye but this is not goodbye.

*cut to fade*

About this site

Adnan Makes is a design blog in the making. It’s like Swissmiss. You can get a hold of adnan via email at adnan dot arif at gmail dot com. Take care and a 1000 blessings on you and your entire family. Shalom, Salam and Slam door.

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